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New travels

I am currently very excitedly planning a trip to Morocco. This will knock my fifth continent off my list! Only Australia and Antarctica to go.

Things I hope to do/see:
1. ride a camel
2. see the flying goats
3. drink copius amounts of mint tea
4. not vomit while touring the tanneries in Fez
5. get a traditional Hammam scrubdown


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This is not a Snow Day

It’s snowing outside. A lot. And the wind is blowing, so the snow feels like little bullets hitting you. And there was thunder and lightning. Every other school (university, college, high school, elementary) in what seems like a 250km radius has thrown in the towel. Not ours! A friend and I decided to be crazy and braved the 8 minute walk to the athletics centre this morning for an 8.30am workout. Now I’m sitting in the campus TV office where I prefer to work over the library, where it is warm and cozy, and dreading the fact that in 10 minutes I have to go outside again to go to work. Night class, (which I have), cancellations will be announced by 3pm. Somehow if they aren’t calling this a snow day, it’s really unlikely that I’ll get out of my night class.

This is why I’m moving somewhere warm.

In better news, I’ve heard the groundhogs have predicted an early spring. It’s hard to believe right now! Happy Groundhog Day!

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Gingervere is the Middle English origin of ginger. Despite being the go-to word to describe redheads, some definitions of ginger are: spirit, liveliness, vigor, piquancy, enliven, and animation.

I'm a 21-year-old student originally from Canada, but currently on an adventure in Belgium for the semester. This blog will follow me, my musings, and whatever shenanigans I get up to while I travel around Europe and occassionally attend classes.

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