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Biking in Bruges

Biking along the canal on our way from Bruges to Damme.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Belgium. Finally some warm temperatures along with all the sun we have been getting. So a group of us decided to travel out to Bruges for the day, rent bicycles, and explore the countryside. We ended up taking an epic 56km route which brought us first to Damme, then to Knokke on the sea with gorgeous beaches, then back on a loop through a small part of the Netherlands. It was gorgeous and scenic, and also really nice to see the sea. Not to mention a great workout for the legs!


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Sunset at playa jardin in Puerto de la Cruz

I just got back from an amazing 5 days in the Canary Islands on the island of Tenerife. We stayed on the north shore of the island, in Puerto de la Cruz, which we soon found out is like the Florida of Europe; aka a lot of old people. There were enough 20-30 year olds, however, to make a decent nightlife, so it could have been a lot worse. We spent our days lounging on the beach and wandering around the town checking out all the shopping. We also managed to take in several spectacular sunsets on the beach. I’m a little bit tanned, a little bit burned, and a little bit disappointed to be back in Belgium now. So much work to do, but in about 36 hours I’ll be on a bus London bound!

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Gingervere is the Middle English origin of ginger. Despite being the go-to word to describe redheads, some definitions of ginger are: spirit, liveliness, vigor, piquancy, enliven, and animation.

I'm a 21-year-old student originally from Canada, but currently on an adventure in Belgium for the semester. This blog will follow me, my musings, and whatever shenanigans I get up to while I travel around Europe and occassionally attend classes.

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