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Sneak Peak at a Castle

Having fun with angles at Deinze Castle.

My last day in Belgium, my boyfriend and I went for a wander around Deinze castle near his home. It’s still inhabited by a count, and they do run tours, but I suppose he wanted the holiday season to have the house to himself. The gardens were open, which were nice for a walk.


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Gent Christmas Market

The Christmas market square in Gent at night.

I finally made it to Belgium after being stuck in Heathrow for 4 hours. Our plane had a water tank leak, and after sitting in the plane for an hour they finally decided to move us to another plane – which took ages to prep. But it’s amazing to be here, and yesterday we went into Gent to see the Christmas market and to introduce me to some traditional Flemish treats. We had hot wine, poffertjes (mini pancakes covered in icing sugar), and kumpir (a baked potato removed from the oven, the insides mashed and then topped with a variety of things). Today we are off to visit family and I’m sure there will be more opportunities to make me into a “proper” Flemish girl.

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Ready, set…

I had a great helper this morning when I was packing for Belgium

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Snow, snow, go away

Called one of the best waffle places in Brussels - it is decent, but I would give anything to be there regardless!


In (hopefully) five and a half days, I will be back in Belgium! I say hopefully because the way the weather has been I am really worried my flight will be cancelled. I have to connect in Heathrow, and things aren’t looking too good right now. I’m wishing for a little bit of Christmas magic, though. I’m off to visit my boyfriend, and get to know what Belgian Christmas is like, even though I’ll be a few days late. We plan to take advantage of the winter wonderland for a romantic day in Bruges to see the ice sculpture exhibition, as well as seeing Ghent and some shopping in Antwerp. My first impressions of Ghent were not so great – in March it appeared to be nothing more than construction and cranes, but my boyfriend insists it is a beautiful city and is keen to make me see it that way. It will be more of a vacation than a tour, however, as I want to just relax and enjoy the company. Besides, it’s not like I didn’t just spend six months living in the country…

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Biking in Bruges

Biking along the canal on our way from Bruges to Damme.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Belgium. Finally some warm temperatures along with all the sun we have been getting. So a group of us decided to travel out to Bruges for the day, rent bicycles, and explore the countryside. We ended up taking an epic 56km route which brought us first to Damme, then to Knokke on the sea with gorgeous beaches, then back on a loop through a small part of the Netherlands. It was gorgeous and scenic, and also really nice to see the sea. Not to mention a great workout for the legs!

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Dinant, Belgium

The citadel and cathedral in Dinant

Yesterday was probably the best day I’ve had in Belgium so far. A group of ten of us headed out for a day trip to the small town of Dinant, about an hour away by train from Louvain-la-neuve. Despite being upset that the creperie didn’t open early enough for us to get breakfast before leaving, we were still optimistic. Arriving in Dinant we were greated by loads of sunshine and a gorgeous little town. We spent the day hiking up 400 stairs to the citadel on the hill, checking out the gothic cathedral, playing in a playground, exploring some caves, and enjoying the city where the saxophone was invented. If anyone is in Belgium for an extended period of time, taking a day to visit Dinant is a definite must! Our day was followed by dinner and drinks back in good ol’ LLN and out to the bar. My friend Marshall was visiting for the weekend, and I think he definitely got a good taste of Beglium culture!

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Belgian Beer Challenge

Since Belgium is known for over 400 types of beer, my friend and I have challenged ourselves to try every beer on the top 50 Belgian beer list. So far I’ve had four of fifty, and it’s going to be an interesting time trying to find all of them. There aren’t any specialty shops in LLN, and the grocer doesn’t sell many of the top beers. As well, a lot of the beer here is a higher percentage than I’m use to, and this difference is definitely hitting me hard. For some reason, even though I am drinking comparatively the same as I do in Canada (so less overall drinks but higher percentages) my body reacts differently. While I rarely have a night that I can’t remember, here it is strange for me to remember my night in its entirety. I don’t forget everything, but a fair amount of key details are missing in the morning. (Sometimes there is photographic evidence to remind me, however.) In any case, it will be a fun challenge and will hopefully help me adjust to this different (better?) beer.

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