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Snow, snow, go away

Called one of the best waffle places in Brussels - it is decent, but I would give anything to be there regardless!


In (hopefully) five and a half days, I will be back in Belgium! I say hopefully because the way the weather has been I am really worried my flight will be cancelled. I have to connect in Heathrow, and things aren’t looking too good right now. I’m wishing for a little bit of Christmas magic, though. I’m off to visit my boyfriend, and get to know what Belgian Christmas is like, even though I’ll be a few days late. We plan to take advantage of the winter wonderland for a romantic day in Bruges to see the ice sculpture exhibition, as well as seeing Ghent and some shopping in Antwerp. My first impressions of Ghent were not so great – in March it appeared to be nothing more than construction and cranes, but my boyfriend insists it is a beautiful city and is keen to make me see it that way. It will be more of a vacation than a tour, however, as I want to just relax and enjoy the company. Besides, it’s not like I didn’t just spend six months living in the country…


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Eyjafjallajökull volcano

It’s crazy how widespread this volcano’s effects have become. Several friends who are stranded at their final Easter vacation destinations say they feel as though exchange has ended now, since it has been so long since they have been in class. (To be fair, I have yet to have class since Easter, but since I have nothing to do BUT schoolwork I guess lucky me has sidestepped that feeling.) I suppose I should feel lucky to have gotten home; since I was travelling on Thursday before mass chaos hit, and because I was taking the train already, I had no problems reaching Brussels.

It bothers me that airlines are calling to the EU for compensation. Yes, we realize you have been greatly inconvenienced and you have lost a large amount of money. But it’s a natural disaster situation. Maybe the Eurocontrol was being overly conservative, but what would you rather deal with – the fall out of being grounded for a week, or the fall out of airspace being left open, and crashes occurring? At least this way people feel safe, and likely their usage of air travel won’t be affected. If planes were flying and crashing you can easily expect people to lose some faith in the industry. There are a lot better ways EU money could be used in this situation instead of compensating the airlines. Maybe help out the tourist industries that have been hit. Hell, there are probably a whole host of better ways to spend the money than on this volcano situation entirely. Maybe I only feel this way because I haven’t been inconvenienced in many ways by this eruption (in fact I have been helped, as a huge group presentation has had to be postponed). But I would rather be safe, and know that my friends are safe, than taking risky flights.

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Brief stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's red light district at night

Amsterdam was an interesting city, it’s easy to go for a few days and not really see anything, you can get too distracted by the bright lights and smokey bars. It was strange, as you walk through the red light district, the women in the windows are lit so oddly that they don’t look real, instead they appear almost like moving mannequins. I have to wonder how many locals come to this area because wherever we walked and whatever bar or coffee-shop we were in it was just more foreigners like ourselves.

The only somewhat educational outings we took were to the sex museum, the Anne Frank house (unfortunately this was post-coffee-shop and neither of us can really remember a thing), and the Van Gogh museum. I really don’t recommend smoking and sightseeing; not if you are truly interested. Luckily I’m going back to Amsterdam next month, and I think with my new knowledge of the city I’ll be better able to cope with its many distractions.

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