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CBC Radio – The Current: Women Studies Debate

Anyone remotely interested in Women studies, should listen to part three of The Current from January 12th. It discusses the changing of the name from women studies in universities to include “gender”, “equality” and/or “sexuality”. Catherine Porter of the Toronto Star, and Barbara Kay of the National Post debate the subject and seem to get into more of a debate on the merits of such a program in the first place. Kay reminded me why I don’t often pick up the National Post. I also find it interesting (and annoying!) that Barbara’s feed comes in so strong and is able to overpower Catherine’s on several occasions.

Listen to the podcast here: The women studies debate is the final part of the show. Thanks to my lovely Sam for passing me the link!


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Interesting Finds

Action figure of Rosie the Riveter, now with riveting action and her own lunchbox! Spotted in Freak Lunchbox in downtown Halifax.


An odd Volvo logo found on a truck in downtown Kokkola.

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