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Biking in Bruges

Biking along the canal on our way from Bruges to Damme.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Belgium. Finally some warm temperatures along with all the sun we have been getting. So a group of us decided to travel out to Bruges for the day, rent bicycles, and explore the countryside. We ended up taking an epic 56km route which brought us first to Damme, then to Knokke on the sea with gorgeous beaches, then back on a loop through a small part of the Netherlands. It was gorgeous and scenic, and also really nice to see the sea. Not to mention a great workout for the legs!


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Typical Amsterdam canal, seen from the boat we took for a tour of the city.

Going back to Amsterdam with all the exchange students actually resulted in a lot more sightseeing in two days than that of my previous three-day trip. Maybe because the novelty of the city has worn off for a lot of people at this point. Instead of wasting away in coffeeshops and bars we spent most of our time wandering around the city and eating too much. The best part of the city was the company, and the way some random Dutch words could be translated into different languages. One statue, labelled “Multatuli”┬áproved hilarious for┬áthe Finns up, considering it could be translated as “I just came”.

Now it’s back to LLN for 3 days of intense school work and trip planning, before I head off on my epic 18 day Easter break!

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Brief stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's red light district at night

Amsterdam was an interesting city, it’s easy to go for a few days and not really see anything, you can get too distracted by the bright lights and smokey bars. It was strange, as you walk through the red light district, the women in the windows are lit so oddly that they don’t look real, instead they appear almost like moving mannequins. I have to wonder how many locals come to this area because wherever we walked and whatever bar or coffee-shop we were in it was just more foreigners like ourselves.

The only somewhat educational outings we took were to the sex museum, the Anne Frank house (unfortunately this was post-coffee-shop and neither of us can really remember a thing), and the Van Gogh museum. I really don’t recommend smoking and sightseeing; not if you are truly interested. Luckily I’m going back to Amsterdam next month, and I think with my new knowledge of the city I’ll be better able to cope with its many distractions.

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