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Here, there, everywhere

Sunset on the river Liffey in downtown Dublin

It’s a bit peaceful being back in LLN for a change, even though I have a never ending to-do list of things to get caught up on. However, between all the research that needs to be done for various classes, I am still busy planning trips –┬áthe next being an epic 18 day train-based tour of mainly eastern Europe. I’ll be starting in Zurich, going on to Munich, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, possible Zagreb or Ljubljana, and ending off in Innsbruck. It will be hectic but I am sure a lot of fun. I have some good travel partners that should keep things interesting. I can’t wait for this next adventure!


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Luck o’ the Irish

Just some of the many bright costumes in Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Parade

Dublin has been treating me well; Ireland is a very welcoming city, important considering the thousands of tourists who have flocked here this week for St. Patrick’s day. The event itself was spectacular, I’ve never seen anything like the green masses that swarmed around downtown. Despite having to stand for 2 hours to secure a spot for the parade, it was definitely worth it for the hour long show. We were lucky to get a spot just down from where all the dignitaries (and people with enough money to pay to watch) were sitting, so we always got to see the performers at their best. Then the crowds flocked to the pubs to spend the rest of the day downing pints of Guinness (which tastes a lot better here in Ireland than anywhere else in the world).

Fitzgerald's Pub in Avoca, Ireland; this is the city (and pub!) featured in the TV show Ballykissangel

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Gingervere is the Middle English origin of ginger. Despite being the go-to word to describe redheads, some definitions of ginger are: spirit, liveliness, vigor, piquancy, enliven, and animation.

I'm a 21-year-old student originally from Canada, but currently on an adventure in Belgium for the semester. This blog will follow me, my musings, and whatever shenanigans I get up to while I travel around Europe and occassionally attend classes.

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