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Begin Again

I’ve never been terribly good at keeping a blog, but I think I’m at a good turning point in my life right now, and it is something I have always really wanted to get good at. So here goes another try! My classes and work schedule are winding down a bit for the next couple weeks (although the following two weeks are hell) so I think this is a good time to get back on track. I’ve been putting a lot of stress on myself regarding the post-grad job search, making plans, and even just going to the gym. So I’m going to take these next couple weeks to get myself back into a good routine – blogging and everything!


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Despite the weather report saying this weekend would be horrible outside, so far my stay in Switzerland has been surprisingly nice. The 9-hour train ride here wasn’t even so terrible, as I really got to enjoy the sights of the Belgian and French countryside.

I’m really impressed with the Swiss, they are so environmentally conscious seemingly without effort, and you can see that bein outdoors and active is just a part of the culture. I’ve been wiped the last couple days, but if the weather holds I’m going to head to the forest for a nice run tomorrow.

We explored an old castle yesterday, but I forgot my memory card in my computer! I enjoyed it, but realized that it almost feels like a waste to see something but not be able to capture it on film; it’s a bit of a disturbing thought. As if, if you can’t prove you’ve done it, then you haven’t. Interesting how dependant we are on technology to justify our existence.

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Back to Belgium

I’m currently enjoying the last moments in Finland, and the free airport wi-fi. Soon my real exchange will begin in Belgium and I’m a little bit anxious over the whole thing. Instead of getting a place in residence, I was waitlisted and instead have found a room to rent. All I really know about it is it’s small and cheap, has internet, and from the tiny picture I was sent looks livable. Hopefully the other four rooms up for rent in the house are home to other friendly students and that the commute to campus is as easily as the landlord says. I suppose in the end, if it is a horrible place, I can always move somewhere else. But I’m getting tired of being a nomad with so much luggage to haul around. I plan on travelling very light from here on out. I’m sure everything will turn out all right, but I just find it so much harder to be an optimist. Perhaps if it wasn’t so cold out.

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Tampere Library

I’ve found refuge at the Tampere library, home to free wireless internet and a very nice café. I foresee myself spending a large amount of time here over the next week.

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Tampere Train Station

I arrived with Milla in Tampere last night. Despite wanting to stay in Kokkola another day, I thought it best to travel with her yesterday (as she needed to be at work today). Not only was she a second person to help with my two overweight suitcases, but I figured she would need the emotional help when going back to her apartment where she hadn’t been in weeks since her and her boyfriend split up. It wasn’t as bad as I was imagining, but it was hard for her. He had just moved out early yesterday and there was barely anything left. It seemed like most of the stuff in the apartment had been his, or was mutually owned and he decided to claim. He didn’t even leave us any toilet paper. But there were some lights, a couple chairs, most of the dishes, and Milla’s bed; so I figured we were better off than had he cleaned out the entire place out of spite. There’s electricity and heat but no internet or cable, which means we have a place to sleep and eat but nothing much else to do.

I’ve wandered down to the train station to battle with the patchy wireless internet as I wait for Milla to finish up at work. I think tomorrow I’ll give the library a try instead.

As I stare out the window towards the street I have a great view of the taxi line; the site of a past Amazing Race (I have to admit to always imagining myself competing on the show!). I just remember the poor Finns being so confused at the rude Americans cutting into the front of the line – something Finns would just never do! It’s funny, I’ve been to many of the places featured on the show, but always see it on TV after the fact. Now, I can sit here and laugh to myself as I imagine a bunch of crazed racers running through the station on the way to the next clue. Nerdy? I know.

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