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Biking in Bruges

Biking along the canal on our way from Bruges to Damme.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Belgium. Finally some warm temperatures along with all the sun we have been getting. So a group of us decided to travel out to Bruges for the day, rent bicycles, and explore the countryside. We ended up taking an epic 56km route which brought us first to Damme, then to Knokke on the sea with gorgeous beaches, then back on a loop through a small part of the Netherlands. It was gorgeous and scenic, and also really nice to see the sea. Not to mention a great workout for the legs!


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Hei hei Kokkola

Bowling with my second host family on my last day in Kokkola. I lost.

It’s my last day in Kokkola, and I’m sad to go. I got to see all my former families multiple times, and visit with some friends and my old counsellor. Overall, I got to do everything I wanted to. Everyone seems so much the same; it really feels like I never left. Although whenever I was asked what has changed in my life, I don’t have much to say either. I suppose it is just hard to sum up four years into a few minutes. One of my past host sisters, Alina, will be going on exchange herself in September and I am so excited for her. Even though I’m embarking on a similar trip now, it’s not as scary and new as it was the first time. First time flying alone, first time being truly independent and having to find your own way. It’s exhilarating and frightening and I love that feeling. Probably why I’m doing it all again!

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Bad referees

Kokkola's volleyball team; my host father running up.

I spent the day with my second ex-host family, going to lunch with my “mom” and two “sisters”. They have gotten so big, yet don’t seem to have changed at all! Still as antsy as ever, never being able to sit still. We then went to see “dad” play in his volleyball match; the second highest league in Finland – Kokkola vs. Oulu. It was a big game, I was told it could mean Kokkola moving up to the highest league if they won. It was so close, but the referee seemed to be making some really bad calls, even though I know little about volleyball it was still obvious. Especially when he failed to notice the ball hitting the ground on Oulu’s side! Kokkola just barely lost, and I’m sure many think that if fair calls were made they would have won. Hopefully there is another year left for Janne on the team, as he is the oldest member, but not the oldest in the league.

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