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A cloudy day in Zurich


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Despite the weather report saying this weekend would be horrible outside, so far my stay in Switzerland has been surprisingly nice. The 9-hour train ride here wasn’t even so terrible, as I really got to enjoy the sights of the Belgian and French countryside.

I’m really impressed with the Swiss, they are so environmentally conscious seemingly without effort, and you can see that bein outdoors and active is just a part of the culture. I’ve been wiped the last couple days, but if the weather holds I’m going to head to the forest for a nice run tomorrow.

We explored an old castle yesterday, but I forgot my memory card in my computer! I enjoyed it, but realized that it almost feels like a waste to see something but not be able to capture it on film; it’s a bit of a disturbing thought. As if, if you can’t prove you’ve done it, then you haven’t. Interesting how dependant we are on technology to justify our existence.

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Gingervere is the Middle English origin of ginger. Despite being the go-to word to describe redheads, some definitions of ginger are: spirit, liveliness, vigor, piquancy, enliven, and animation.

I'm a 21-year-old student originally from Canada, but currently on an adventure in Belgium for the semester. This blog will follow me, my musings, and whatever shenanigans I get up to while I travel around Europe and occassionally attend classes.

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