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New travels

I am currently very excitedly planning a trip to Morocco. This will knock my fifth continent off my list! Only Australia and Antarctica to go.

Things I hope to do/see:
1. ride a camel
2. see the flying goats
3. drink copius amounts of mint tea
4. not vomit while touring the tanneries in Fez
5. get a traditional Hammam scrubdown


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The final stretch

I’m back in Canada and back at school. It’s a nasty shock, both having to get back into classes after a month off, and the 20 degree difference in temperatures (meaning +10 in Belgium and -10 in Canada). I long to be back in Europe, with someone to snuggle with at night. At least the desire to return gives me motivation to solidify my future post-grad. Only four months to go.

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Snow, snow, go away

Called one of the best waffle places in Brussels - it is decent, but I would give anything to be there regardless!


In (hopefully) five and a half days, I will be back in Belgium! I say hopefully because the way the weather has been I am really worried my flight will be cancelled. I have to connect in Heathrow, and things aren’t looking too good right now. I’m wishing for a little bit of Christmas magic, though. I’m off to visit my boyfriend, and get to know what Belgian Christmas is like, even though I’ll be a few days late. We plan to take advantage of the winter wonderland for a romantic day in Bruges to see the ice sculpture exhibition, as well as seeing Ghent and some shopping in Antwerp. My first impressions of Ghent were not so great – in March it appeared to be nothing more than construction and cranes, but my boyfriend insists it is a beautiful city and is keen to make me see it that way. It will be more of a vacation than a tour, however, as I want to just relax and enjoy the company. Besides, it’s not like I didn’t just spend six months living in the country…

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Old town square in Prague, with the Easter market still underway.

Prague was by far my favourite city out of those we visited. Every once in a while I visit somewhere and just get the feeling that I belong there, that it is a place I could see myself settling down in (if only for a little while). While I love Belgium, I don’t quite get the same feeling here, which is likely why I am always so antsy.

Prague gives you the feeling of a medium-sized town while still being a large city. The old town is gorgeous, and any city with a river running through it is good by me.  It rained pretty much the entire time we were there, but somehow that didn’t spoil my impression. There was also a good collection of vegetarian restaurants and options in the city!

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The Wien Staatsoper, the Vienna opera house.

When we were in Vienna, we were lucky enough to get a chance to see an opera. Well, I suppose luck doesn’t have much to do with it; if you are willing to stand for 2 hours in line, and then another 3 while watching the opera, you can buy cheap, 3 euro tickets. The standing room spots weren’t the greatest (as expected) but you could hear the music and watch the orchestra. Plus, they have small screens at every place giving you the lyric translations. It was definitely a great experience, and if I ever go back to Vienna I will likely do it again!

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View of the Alps in Fussen, Germany

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Shot from the Hofgarten in Munich

I’m in Munich soloing-it for the next couple nights as my travel buddy has fallen pretty ill so I left him behind in Zurich. It’s a bit strange sightseeing on my own, a little bit lonely. I don’t mind it for a couple days, but I don’t think I could do this for a full out trip. Sure, it isn’t hard to meet people, but I’m just too exhausted right now to make the effort, especially since I’ll only be here for a couple nights. Oh well, soon enough I’ll meet up with my next group of travellers and not be so alone!

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