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Belgian Beer Challenge

Since Belgium is known for over 400 types of beer, my friend and I have challenged ourselves to try every beer on the top 50 Belgian beer list. So far I’ve had four of fifty, and it’s going to be an interesting time trying to find all of them. There aren’t any specialty shops in LLN, and the grocer doesn’t sell many of the top beers. As well, a lot of the beer here is a higher percentage than I’m use to, and this difference is definitely hitting me hard. For some reason, even though I am drinking comparatively the same as I do in Canada (so less overall drinks but higher percentages) my body reacts differently. While I rarely have a night that I can’t remember, here it is strange for me to remember my night in its entirety. I don’t forget everything, but a fair amount of key details are missing in the morning. (Sometimes there is photographic evidence to remind me, however.) In any case, it will be a fun challenge and will hopefully help me adjust to this different (better?) beer.


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