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About as close up as I could get of Martina from Dragonette.

After missing Dragonette last year when I was on exchange, I was thrilled to get another chance to see them live. I was even going to get the opportunity to meet them when the campus television station I work for was going to interview Martina, but they were delayed getting into town, so everything was pushed back. I was able to listen to the sound check, but my night class meant I couldn’t stick around for the interview. But it was apparent that I was in for a good show later that night, as the sneak peak during the sound check proved to me that Martina sounds exactly the same live as she does recorded. The actual show was amazing, and we made friends with ther march guy/drummer Joel, who took our shirts backstage afterwards to get them signed for us.

So it was a good show and the energy was crazy, despite getting some wounds from stiletto heels of girls who got a little too into the music.

So love love love Dragonette, and I’ll definitely jump on any more opportunities to see them live again!


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