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First day in Paris

Notre Dame... check.

Best hot chocolate in the city at Angelina's... check.


Obelisk and fountains in Place de la Concorde... check.


Walk down the Champs-Elysees... check.


L'arc de Triomphe... check.


Eiffel Tower... check.


Fabulous dinner of fondue and wine out of baby bottles... check.


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La belle Paris

My first meal in Paris, baguette with brie and wine.

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The last few days have been extremely busy. Despite being tired from all the exchange student nights out, there are so many administrative things to take care of. Register at the university, register at town hall, get a bank account, a train card, buy everything you couldn’t fit into your suitcase, and wait in a never ending amount of lines. Oh, and attend classes. Tuesday we had afternoon classes cancelled, which is the first time I would have had class this week, so I was luckily able to get the majority of my errands done. Yesterday was the first day of classes for me, European Business Cases, Industrial Relations in Europe, International Financial Management, and European Corporate Governance. Due to class lasting around 30 minutes each time, and our IR professor never showing up, I had a lot more time to finish up everything I still needed to do, and actually eat real meals for a change.

So now I’m up and getting ready for Brand Management. My bags are all packed because right after class (provided it actually runs the full time) I’m off to the train station to go to Paris for the weekend!

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I'm a 21-year-old student originally from Canada, but currently on an adventure in Belgium for the semester. This blog will follow me, my musings, and whatever shenanigans I get up to while I travel around Europe and occassionally attend classes.

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